Aligning Inline Equations Vertically in Instructure Canvas

When you use the Canvas equation editor to insert an equation surrounded by text, you may be wishing there was some way to align the equations in the middle vertically, instead of on the bottom (the default setting for inline equations).  Well, there is, but you’re going to have to be just a little brave and do a tiny edit to the HTML to fix it.

Before "middle" alignment and after. NOTE: Click on image to enlarge it.

The basic fix is to grab a small bit of HTML code and paste it [Read more…]

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Tutorials on the Instructure Canvas Equation Editor

At the Phoenix College Math & Technology Workshop last week, we learned how easy it was to use the Canvas Equation Editor, but you might not believe us (and sometimes students are hesitant to try).  So I’ve made four videos for YouTube that might be helpful to you.

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Tips for the Equation Editor in Instructure Canvas

I’ve been banging on Instructure Canvas for a week now, and I have to say that I’m incredibly impressed in general.  I don’t think I’ve ever said anything nice about a Learning Management System (LMS), but I have openly confessed my love for Canvas several times in the last week [more on that to come].  Last week was all about learning to use canvas with my TALDA guinea pigs.  This week is all about figuring out how to do MATH in Canvas.

[Read more…]

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Navigating WolframAlpha Pro Features

Last week I had to do a workshop about WolframAlpha, and I noticed that there are three different feature sets: not logged in, logged in, logged in to Pro.

I needed to know which login settings provided which features (especially for giving workshops and working with students), so I decided to be thorough about it.  You can download the PDF of this document, Guide to Wolfram Alpha Features, as well.

Hope this makes the decision-making a little easier for you!


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Open and Close MathType Equations Quickly

Just in case some of you have made the migration to Office 2010 over the summer (I bit the bullet last week) … here’s an update to making the Ctrl-E hotkeys to open and close MathType without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.  This shortcut (which you should only have to install once per computer or Office upgrade) will save you so much time.

For those of you working with older versions of Word, there are videos for that too.

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