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I rarely talk about the books I’ve written on this blog, but the Community Site for my new book, Algebra Activities,  just launched and I think it’s pretty cool.  Also, I now have an author page.  Yay!

The basic philosophy for the book is to provide easy-to-use classroom activities to instructors so that they can easily replace lecturing time with more active learning.  The book also provides instruction tips and lesson plans so that any algebra instructor, especially new ones, can have a “mentor” to guide them and help them reflect on how students learn.

If you go to the Samples section of the Community Site, you can print and use some of the activities from the book in your classes.  You can also see some of the fantastic new algebra cartoons that were commissioned as part of this project.

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Cognitive Assessments for Math

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If you’re looking for the sample assessments, you can use the chapter on systems of linear equations by downloading the file here or use some selected activities from a variety of sections by downloading the file here. Yes, you can copy these materials and use them in your courses! Enjoy!

If you become interested in these resources, there is a Student Workbook (published by Cengage) of activities for Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and the combo of the two.

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Activities for Algebra – Sample now available

I have always tried to teach algebra in a way that is understandable, interesting, and active. Although you can find activities for teaching algebra to younger students (6th and 7th graders), I have never found a good classroom resource to use with adult students. Even in the resources for younger students, the activities always seem more like busywork, when they could provide an opportunity for students to truly understand difficult concepts or explore the similarities and contrasts that abound in mathematical procedures and ideas.

Today, I can finally release some of the activities that I have been writing all summer that will be available from Cengage Learning (used to be Thomson/Brooks-Cole) to accompany the Tussy/Gustafson 4ed Algebra Series. These are activities to be used in the classroom [Read more…]

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