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Idea Sex

I’ve just re-read the first few chapters of Steven Johnson’s “Where good ideas come from: The Natural History of Innovation” (you can watch the TED Talk or watch the RSA Animates video, but I highly recommend the slow read through the actual book) on the plane ride to Doha, and all week it’s been fascinating to watch the liquid network of minds at this event.  Johnson defines this concept of a liquid network as “bringing together a diversely-focused group of creative people.” Normally, I have quite a few ideas on any given week, but in this network, the idea generation...

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Turning Ideas into Action

At the moment when a person becomes inspired to make a change, how can an organization support him or her to make that change in their life or to facilitate that change in the lives of others? Yesterday, during a conversation with my new friend Holly (who also happens to be my doppelganger), I had an inspiration on how to accomplish this.  It’s an idea inspired by the collision of several others:  A Recipe for Free Range Learning, my experiments with SpacedEd (now Qstream), my long ago experience with Flylady, the concepts of Optimism Bias and activation energy (from the Happiness...

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