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What if there was a Google for Math?

What if you could go to a free and readily available website and enter an equation, an expression, a question about math, a request to analyze data, or anything else, and the site would answer your question, elaborate on it, give you all the steps for the mathematical work, etc.? Did that make you uneasy or excited? Well, ready or not, it’s going online at 7pm CST today, and I think we ought to pay some attention to this. Wolfram Alpha You can watch a screencast about Wolfram Alpha here. It does have the potential to seriously wreak havoc on the way we teach math today if students can simply copy all their work from an A.I. website.  Whether you think that it’s time that somebody forced a change, or whether you think it’s just hype and not really a threat, I think we should all be aware that after today, it exists. Possibly Related Posts: Reimagining Calculus Keynote Group Exploration in Math Elaborations for Creative Thinking in STEM Learning Math is Not a Spectator Sport Recorded Webinar: Teaching Math in...

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SmartBook of the Future

Buzzing from my thoughts about Kindle yesterday, here’s a little glimpse into what the near future might look like … I am making dinner while listening to a SmartBook on my Google Universal Player. I have a great insight about how what I’ve just heard applies to a course I will be teaching, so I speak into the microphone that is part of my earpiece and tell the book to pause. After I clean my hands, I pull out the device and can see the text of what I just listened to on the screen. Using the touch features...

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