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Future of eLearning

Here is today’s talk from the World Future Conference. I’ve been thinking about the future of eLearning for almost a year now (in preparation for this talk). It’s always amazing to me how my unorganized thoughts crystalize into visions in the last few days before a talk. In this talk I propose a new direction (vision) for educational eLearning – one in which the learning platform is chosen and customized by the student instead of the instructor and institution. Links related to today’s presentation: The video for The Future of eLearning (thanks Jim for being the recording tech on...

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Learn This Button World Future 2011

Yesterday I spoke at the Education Summit of the World Future Society 2011 Conference about the idea for SOCRAIT (a vision for an education future where learning is personal).  Thanks to an audience member from the front row for volunteering to record the talk. Here are some related links: Learn This Button World Future 2011 (this year’s talk, amateur recording) Where’s the “Learn This” Button? (20-minute version, TED-style talk, professional recording) Prezi for Where’s the Learn This Button (the illustration) Levers of Change World Future 2010 (last year’s talk, amateur recording) Levers of Change in Higher Education (recorded at...

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Levers of Change in Higher Education

I’ve given this talk at the ITC eLearning Conference (Florida) and the ACU Connected Summit (Texas) in the last week.  If you haven’t seen the talk, it was recorded at the ITC Conference (you’ll need to download Silverlight). Here is the Prezi: Levers of Change in Higher Education Levers of Change in Higher Education on Prezi Possibly Related Posts: Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast about ESIL Lens Reimagining Calculus Keynote Adjuncts shouldn’t have to fix a broken system Financial Aid, WGU, and OIG Interdisciplinary Courseware to the...

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What is SOCRAIT?

SOCRAIT is my name for the SRSLS (spaced-repetition socratic learning system) that we need to push learning into the digital age.  The name SOCRAIT (pronounced so-crate) is a play on Socratic (because it’s based on Socratic questions), it contains SOC for social, AI for artificial intelligence, and IT for information technology. Since July,  I have been preoccupied with this idea.   Many technology and learning experts who have read or talked with me about SOCRAIT have told me that they believe that our learning future has to at least look something like SOCRAIT.  They say (and I agree) that...

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Giving up Calculation by Hand

This is scary stuff for math professors, but with the arrival of amazing programs like Wolfram Alpha, we’re going to have to start paying attention to the signs of change.  I talked to Conrad Wolfram (at Wolfram Alpha Homework Day) when he was still formulating what he wanted to say at this TED Talk.  I think it’s worth 18 minutes of your time to watch Teaching kids real math with computers. Here’s an outline of the Conrad Wolfram’s argument (which I am paraphrasing/quoting here): What’s the point of teaching people math? Technical jobs (critical to the development of our...

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