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Demo with a Magnifying Glass for MacBooks

If you own a Mac and do software demonstrations or do presentations for people, you might want to learn this nifty trick for enabling a magnifying glass that can follow your cursor. It’s incredibly useful when you need to magnify just a small section of the screen for a brief moment (magnify the URL, the icon you’re clicking on, the code you’re examining). Here are the steps to locating and turning on the magnifying glass that follows your cursor in macOS Sierra: Find the Zoom preferences window: Go to System Preferences Select Accessibility Select the “Zoom” section To make...

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WolframAlpha Facebook Report

This is a delightful exercise that everyone seems to love. WolframAlpha will provide you with an extremely detailed analysis of your own Facebook data including visualizations, world clouds, graphs, and more.       Here’s how: Go to Type “Facebook Report” and execute the search. Allow WolframAlpha to have access to your Facebook account by clicking on “Analyze my Facebook Data” and following the directions. Wait while the data is analyzed. Note: Sometimes the report seems to stall after 100% of the data is analyzed. If this happens, simply repeat steps 1-3. The second time, the report seems...

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Facebook Tip: Tagging Just a First Name

Have you ever wanted to tag someone in a Facebook status update using just their first name? Here’s how. This tip is brought to you by the Secret Technology Club. Possibly Related Posts: Write an Operating System for Your Brain The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? Strategies for Escaping the Echo Chamber Lean in to the Discomfort Steal Back Your Time and Accomplish Your...

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Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I’m in the process of setting up a new computer (yes, the rumors are true … I’m using a MacBook Pro now).  Now I have a work gmail account and a personal gmail account, so I’m setting up my new computer with Chrome synced to my work Gmail.  This means I’m revisiting my “must-have” Chrome browser extensions and looking around to see if I’m missing anything awesome. Consider this a major update to the list of Chrome Extensions I compiled in 2010.  Here are a few of my recent favorites that might be useful to you: Reading and Writing...

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Triple Click

Here’s one of those little “Secret Technology Tips” that works in all sorts of programs and fields. Single-click places the cursor. Double-click highlights the word. Triple-click highlights ALL of the text in the field or paragraph. Ctrl-A (PC) or Cmd-A (Mac) highlights ALL the text/images in that document space. I knew about the first two tips, but just discovered “Triple Click” on Monday.  It made me very happy, and thus, gets categorized into all those tips and tricks that you would never know unless you stumbled into them: The Secret Technology Club. Possibly Related Posts: Write an Operating System...

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