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10 Things Our Kids WILL Worry About Thanks to the Information Revolution

After reading this list of “10 Things our Kids will Never Worry About Thanks to the Information Revolution” from Forbes, I was inspired to remind people that technology usually creates just as many problems as it solves.  So here’s my list of the new worries created by the Information Revolution. 1. [Will never have to worry about Taking a Typing Class] They will have to worry about … Mastering multiple input methods and keeping track of which ones autocorrect which words badly.  Now you have to master typing on a keyboard, typing on a tablet device, sliding over touch-keys on a...

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Remembering What You’ve Read

While trying to get all my Kindle devices in re-sync (iPad, Kindle, Android, Laptop, and Desktop), I discovered a feature of the browser-based Kindle app that I wasn’t aware of. Remember the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve?  In 1885, Ebbinghaus showed that we need repeated exposure to information to store it in biological memory … and pretty much we’ve been forgetting things ever since. I try to build reflection into my learning routines (to take advantage of the Ebbinghouse curve) by doing things like rereading my tweets and the end of the week, organizing ideas into mindmaps, and composing blog posts...

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RSS is a “Really Simple Solution”

I am really pleased to announce I’ll be writing a column for MAA Focus called Teaching with Tech.  You can read the first (official) column on the MAA website … RSS is a “Really Simple Solution” to Information Overload.  My goal is to try to alternate between computer technology and classroom technology for as long as I can.  So the next column will be on a technology that many of us find in our classrooms right now.  I’ll leave it as a surprise. Possibly Related Posts: Contemporary Algebra Collection (new resources 2/4/2019) Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast about ESIL...

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Agonizing eBook Reader Choice

I have actually stopped buying all books because I’m so torn on this eBook vs regular book thing.  If I’m going to cave and buy an eBook reader, I figure I should stop wasting my money on traditional books.  Why haven’t I taken the plunge? My main worry is that I will accumulate lots of books, notes, and tags in some eBook format, only to have that format go dead on me.  I also have this fear that if I can’t physically SEE the books in my virtual library (like I can on my bookshelves), I’ll forget about the...

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Extensions to Make Chrome Work for You

If you’re like me, you eagerly tried out Google Chrome right when it came out, but the lack of Flash support was an absolute killer.  So now I wander back every once in a while (especially when Firefox is crashing).  I like Chrome, and it does seem to run faster (a big concern of mine since I function without broadband Internet at home).  However, the fact that Google Bookmarks did not work with Chrome was a game-stopper.  I use my Google Bookmarks as a “to do” list of sorts, marking links with various labels for the sole purpose of adding them to digital maps or looking them up for articles later.  These are not public collections, nor do I want them to be and I plan to start using it regularly now. To make a longer blog post short, I just discovered that the extension ecosystem around Google Chrome is now far more robust than it used to be.  Some of these Chrome add-ons (called extensions) are essentially beta (use at your own risk), but Chrome is now a viable option for me. Google Bookmarks can be synced with Chrome using this GBX Google Bookmarks Extension, but Chrome bookmarks (if you have them) cannot be backwards synced.  Yes, there is one for Delicious too. Add a Readability button using this extension.  In one click of the Readability button, you...

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