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Leverage Your Social Network

Last week I gave a new presentation at DevLearn called “Leverage Your Social Network as a Mentoring Community.” As always, Mat Moore did a fantastic Illustration for the Prezi. One of the points I stressed was setting measurable goals as you set out to cultivate a social network: Start with a good bio and picture (don’t be a n00b) Find 50 great people to follow (begin learning from others) Plan a project that you can tweet as you go (establish your own presence) Reply to others two times a day (engagement) Get your first 50 followers (real followers mean...

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Favorite Google Chrome Extensions

I’m in the process of setting up a new computer (yes, the rumors are true … I’m using a MacBook Pro now).  Now I have a work gmail account and a personal gmail account, so I’m setting up my new computer with Chrome synced to my work Gmail.  This means I’m revisiting my “must-have” Chrome browser extensions and looking around to see if I’m missing anything awesome. Consider this a major update to the list of Chrome Extensions I compiled in 2010.  Here are a few of my recent favorites that might be useful to you: Reading and Writing...

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The Evolution of the Illustrated Prezis

Many people have asked about how we do the illustrations for the Prezi presentations I build, so I thought I’d write a little about the process we go through. I say “we” because the presentations are mine, but I couldn’t do them without the help of an incredibly talented illustrator, Mat Moore. We’ve worked together on illustrating books and presentations for three years now, and I’m pretty sure that Mat can now read my mind. Our process now goes something like this. I call Mat and say “I need a new illustration, as detailed as possible (translation: I’m paying...

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Self Evaluation: List of Fives

Whenever I hire a new assistant, I have a list of questions I ask to get a feel for how we can best work together.  I want to make sure I take advantage of their strengths and provide them the opportunity for growth.  I think that good working relationships are developed when each person’s skills are valued and when they can learn about the things that they enjoy. So, I’ve developed my “List of Fives” to feel out the strengths and growth areas for someone I’m going to work with, and I try to use it to help us...

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Triple Click

Here’s one of those little “Secret Technology Tips” that works in all sorts of programs and fields. Single-click places the cursor. Double-click highlights the word. Triple-click highlights ALL of the text in the field or paragraph. Ctrl-A (PC) or Cmd-A (Mac) highlights ALL the text/images in that document space. I knew about the first two tips, but just discovered “Triple Click” on Monday.  It made me very happy, and thus, gets categorized into all those tips and tricks that you would never know unless you stumbled into them: The Secret Technology Club. Possibly Related Posts: Write an Operating System...

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