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All Packed and 24 Hours to go…

You’ve heard the phrase “All packed and no place to go”? Well, for the first time ever I am packed well in advance of a trip (usually I pack the morning of the trip). Here’s what all that packed up stuff looks like… Okay, you’re thinking, I thought we were only allowed TWO bags. Well, the middle one is my “I don’t trust the airlines” carry-on duffle with the stuff I would really not want to be on a vacation without or that I would really not want to repurchase (bathing suit, extra underwear, etc.). After I arrive in Vienna (with my luggage), I will pack that stuff back into the large bag and carry the empty duffle (it will work also work nicely as a carry-on on the plane trip home for the stuff I accumulate on the trip). Here’s what all that stuff you packed looks like outside of the bags… the day pack (there’s a little extra here because of the need to carry on important stuff, like prescription medicine). And the large backpack (shoes, clothes, towel, etc.)… Did I forget anything? Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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How to pack for a 32-day trip?

Mission (should you choose to accept it): You get one day pack and one piece of luggage (a larger backpack). You must pack everything you need for 30 days and save space to bring back a few things. You also must be able to carry everything you’re bringing with you. First the technology: (this is my version of technology-lite) 1) Digital camera, an extra memory card, and batteries. 2) Digital voice MP3 recorder (not so good at writing anymore). 3) iPod loaded with approximately 15 audio books, 2 days worth of music, and several photos of home, headphones, and headphone splitter (in case you want to share). 4) Regular film camera (I can’t give up my extra-wide angle lens, and I can’t afford a digital SLR + wide-angle lens), film, and extra batteries. 5) Thumb drive. 6) G-Mail account – email yourself your Internet favorites too. 7) Alarm clock. Vacationing necessities: 1) Travel pillow (one of the really cushy ones, not the blow-up ones). 2) Rain jacket and warm liner, just in case the weather is bad. 3) Bathing suit(s), travel towel (packs in small space and dries quickly), and lightweight sari (good cover-up when you don’t want to get burned). 4) Paint-by-number puzzle books (also called Nonograms). 5) Passport, ATM card, and credit card. 6) Outlet converter (to charge iPod). 7) Bug-spray wipes, hand wipes, stain-removing wipes, and...

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