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Learn This Button World Future 2011

Yesterday I spoke at the Education Summit of the World Future Society 2011 Conference about the idea for SOCRAIT (a vision for an education future where learning is personal).  Thanks to an audience member from the front row for volunteering to record the talk. Here are some related links: Learn This Button World Future 2011 (this year’s talk, amateur recording) Where’s the “Learn This” Button? (20-minute version, TED-style talk, professional recording) Prezi for Where’s the Learn This Button (the illustration) Levers of Change World Future 2010 (last year’s talk, amateur recording) Levers of Change in Higher Education (recorded at...

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What is SOCRAIT?

SOCRAIT is my name for the SRSLS (spaced-repetition socratic learning system) that we need to push learning into the digital age.  The name SOCRAIT (pronounced so-crate) is a play on Socratic (because it’s based on Socratic questions), it contains SOC for social, AI for artificial intelligence, and IT for information technology. Since July,  I have been preoccupied with this idea.   Many technology and learning experts who have read or talked with me about SOCRAIT have told me that they believe that our learning future has to at least look something like SOCRAIT.  They say (and I agree) that...

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Computer Lockdown is a Good Thing

Whenever I give a presentation at a college or conference, someone always asks the question.  You know.  THAT question. “Just how much time do you spend at the computer every day?” I’m not sure if I really don’t want to know, or I know, but I don’t want to acknowledge it.  It’s a lot.  In the last year I’ve gained a few pounds and that’s got to be reversed, so I’ve once again instituted the “Computer Lockdown” program (which my husband absolutely hates). What is the “Computer Lockdown” program, you ask?  (well, thanks for asking)  It’s actually a software program called WorkPace designed to prevent RSI (repetitive strain injury).  After intensive periods of typing it locks the keyboard for a few seconds to force you to rest your fingers.  But that’s not the primary reason I use it.  The reason I use WorkPace is that I can force myself to take computer breaks.  My computer will actually lock me out and no amount of cajoling or rebooting will let me back in for 10 minutes. This forces me to get up and walk around, maybe get a little exercise, give my dogs a good scratch, go out on the deck and get some sun … in other words, re-engage with the world.  This is a good thing. Now, if that sounds scary to you (and if it does, you’ve...

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