DC Mystery Pictures

Dec 1, 2008 by

I took all these pictures in DC. See if you can guess what these are pictures of and where they were taken.

Mystery Picture #1

Mystery Picture #2

Mystery Picture #3

Mystery Picture #4

Mystery Picture #5

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Who likes the SMART car?

Nov 30, 2008 by

I’ve been thinking those Smart Cars are pretty cute ever since I began seeing them in Europe several years ago. If I lived in a city (and I had a car), I would probably snap one up. I finally got a chance to sit in one during my last trip to DC. In the meantime, I’ll just keep pining for what I really want, which is a Nissan Micra (not sold in the U.S.)

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Another Monument Walk in DC

Nov 25, 2008 by

On Thursday I discovered the FDR Memorial (I didn’t even know it existed) AND I made the trek all the way to the Jefferson Memorial. Here are the pictures!

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AMATYC Walk the Monuments

Nov 2, 2008 by

I grew up in Fairfax County (right outside of Washington DC), and I’ve been to the monuments in DC about a zillion times. The best time to see all the monuments (especially when you’ve already got a packed day) is at night. So, barring really bad weather

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Walking on Water

Aug 2, 2008 by

I wandered over to the Portrait Gallery (which is a couple blocks behind the National Archives) on my free afternoon in D.C.

It was recently remodeled and now it includes a beautiful covered courtyard where you can “walk on water.” I actually skipped wandering through the modern art on the 3rd floor so that I could just stay in the cool air and watch the kids (and adults) play in the water.

If walking on water isn’t enough for you, you can leap on water! Isn’t this a great picture?

In the late afternoon, I met a friend from high school that I had not seen in 16 years! (she took this picture)

We walked over to Rosa Mexicana (kitty corner to the Portrait Gallery) which has fantastic mexican food … and I do mean fantastic! There we her husband and a friend for a nice leisurely dinner. Here’s me and Susan – she is doing a great job in the picture of not looking seven months pregnant! It’s like the stealth fetus!

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Not only am I never coming home…

Jul 27, 2008 by

I joked to Joel, right before I left, that I was going to D.C. and not coming back (I’m a bit sick of teaching calculus this summer).

So, not only am I not coming back, I’m going to the Moon! Here’s my bunk:

Okay, maybe not really, but I did plan to pack for the trip to Mars and touch a meteorite from Mars. Isn’t it amazing that even in museums, avatars and virtual simulations have become a part of the learning for children (okay, and maybe adults too!)

And, who’s cupboards are as organized as these on this theoretical space ship to the Moon?

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