10-minute Breaks

For the majority of the time I’ve been working on my dissertation, I’ve had my computer set to lock me out every 50 minutes so that I have to take a break.

I noticed that Halley had some good break strategies, so I decided to try hers on sunny days.

My 10-minutes as a dog:

Sometimes it backfires.

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Sleep in and celebrate the Holiday!

Believe it or not, I did not pose them. I found them like this. This is probably what they do all day while we are at work.

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Sisco is Surrounded

Sisco has always been a little nervous in the company of strange dogs. Can’t you just tell that he is out of his element here?

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Turkey Invasion

Sisco was acting like a crazy dog, running back and forth inside the house and barking. Apparently, we had a flock of 20 or so visitors, and they were hungry!

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Dog Deer Standoff

Several deer have been wandering pretty close to the house just outside the underground fence. Sisco will standoff with them, exactly as close as he can get and just bark his little head off.

The deer are unphased. (and hard to see)

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