Menacing Storm Clouds

Cars were stopping by the side of the road so that the passengers could jump out and take pictures of these clouds with their cell phone cameras.

It looked like the waves from Lake Michigan had moved into the sky … very strange.

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Paper-grading with a View

All summer, it seems, I’ve been grading calculus tests. I’m teaching both Calculus I and II. As soon as I get done grading tests for one class, there are tests for the other class to grade. Sometimes I just can’t get the motivation to sit down and grade papers. One day last week, I found a sunny spot to grade papers overlooking the water at the dog beach.

It was a windy day, so the mosquitoes were not around (they’ve been BAD this summer). Luckily, none of the papers blew away.

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Nonintentional Green Roofs

One of the problems with a lot of wet weather is that your house begins to be taken over by mother nature. We had a small patch of grass growing in our gutters, but it was nothing like this house (seen on the way to church):

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