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Halley loves Christine

Christine, my assistant (shown below), brings the “empties” to the house with her. With three young children at home, that happens pretty often. Christine is now Halley’s favorite human. Note how Halley’s toes are all spread out. That is a sign of intense concentration. Possibly Related Posts: All for a piece of chicken Sleep in and celebrate the Holiday! Halley’s Steps What a nice life Halley is a...

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Halley’s Steps

Halley is getting a little stiffer as she gets older (she’s 10 now) and does not like to go down the front steps very much. We think that they are just steeper than some of the other steps. We needed to have the back steps (off the screened-in porch) rebuilt with a landing, because the existing steps were a little dangerous. As long as we were rebuilding steps, it seemed like a good idea to make them with a nice gradual slope for Halley. I’d like to say we built these ourselves (we did rebuild the front steps ourselves), but again, we paid to have someone else do the work. They do still need to be stained, but here are Halley’s new steps! Possibly Related Posts: The Four Processors: A Neogeneralist Problem? My New Work Colleagues Momentary Lapse of Memory New Chapter: Life Reboot Self Evaluation: List of...

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What a nice life

This is Halley, who just turned 10 and spends a lot of her time in a variety of napping positions and locations throughout the house. This one (like my nephew Nathan’s sleeping positions) was too good to pass up. I should mention that she alternates her napping with scratching at the front door so that someone lets her in (or out) of the house. Possibly Related Posts: All for a piece of chicken Halley loves Christine Sleep in and celebrate the Holiday! Halley’s Steps Halley is a...

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