The most beautiful urban garden in the world?

Every time I go to DC now, I visit the garden between the Smithsonian building and the Hirschorn. It is always beautiful – an eclectic collection of shrubs, flowers and trees, with curved paths, a fountain, and shady spots with benches.

The weather has been better than it was when we visited D.C. in early June. It’s not, but not unbearably humid.

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The Transplant

This Rose-of-Sharon was a small tree (maybe more like a bush) in the backyard of our old house. There was also a much bigger one, which we loved because it was one of the only plants that bloomed in late August. We got permission from the new owner to take the small one with us, so Joel dug it up and we replanted it two years ago near the front of our new house.

It is an ornamental tree, so it should never get really big, but it will provide a little bit of nice shade for the front porch and the birds sure like waiting on its branches for bird feeder access when the dogs are snoozing by the feeder.

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Cilantro Run Amok

A few weeks before I left for Europe, I planted a small patch of cilantro (from seeds) in the garden, since it is an herb that I use a lot in the summer for making black bean burritos and salsa.

Unfortunately, it grew up and went to seed while I was away. I think it probably should have been trimmed sometime while I was gone.

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