Mathfaery: Elizabeth Hamman

Elizabeth Hamman was a great math educator who will be truly missed in the International math community. She passed away very suddenly last week, at the age of 39, after suddenly developing a problem with blood clots in her lungs, which led to a bleed in her brain. Elizabeth started writing a blog last year, called Mathfaery: Making Math Magical and was known as @mathfaery on twitter.

Elizabeth was a participant in the 2009 MCC Math & Technology Workshop, and was going to attend this year as the Assistant Director for the workshop. Her absence at this year’s workshop will leave a hole in our hearts.

If you knew Elizabeth on twitter, read her blog, met her at a workshop or presentation, or were touched by her in some way, please consider making a contribution to The Elizabeth Hamman Math Scholarship at Cerritos College.

To contribute, make checks payable to Cerritos College Foundation, Memo: Elizabeth Hamman Scholarship and mail to:

The Elizabeth Hamman Math Scholarship
Cerritos College
Attn: Foundation Office
11110 Alondra Blvd.
Norwalk, CA, 90650

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Iowa Interstate 80 – Exit 29

On Thursday, I was talking with Keri (from Sheridan, WY) on the phone and she asked what we were doing this weekend. Oh, we’re going to a family reunion in Iowa, I said. Keri replied that she was driving to St. Louis for a wedding.

Wait a sec, I said, we must be crossing paths at some point. I got out a map … sure enough, our paths would overlap on the west side of Iowa. We planned our routes so that our paths would intersect at roughly the same time this morning.

After we got off track (missed an exit) and much last-minute coordination via texting and calling (don’t worry – our significant others were driving) … we met at Exit 29 on Interstate 80 in Iowa. What’s at Exit 29 you ask? Um … not much, apparently.

We all had an early lunch at the A&W. I haven’t seen Keri in two years and we were trying to coordinate our vacation time to go somewhere this summer, but it just didn’t work out. Weird how, at the last minute, we figured out how to meet up anyways! It was so nice to see a dear friend from far away!

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Happy B-Day Busynessgirl!

Last night Joel (and Sally) threw me a birthday party for my 34th birthday. Sally tried to hijack my cake by reversing the numbers to make me 43 years old – I am notorious for being dyslexic with numbers. Ironically, I could have believed the 43 on the cake – so much has happened in the last year that it really does feel like it’s been 11 years instead of just one.

It’s really kind of a dual birthday. This blog was born on June 26 and I was born on June 20. It was a good present, because I’m always wanting to have a party at the house and Joel is rarely in the mood to accomodate my desire to be social.

The only problem we have now is a lot of leftover cake … anyone want a piece?

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