Segway ride in Prague

Back in July, I was in Prague for a few days and I learned how to ride a segway. As Blogger now supports video feed, I thought I’d finally get around to uploading this video clip (very short) that proves to you that I didn’t just get my picture taken on a Segway. Sorry it’s not the best video… did I mention I need a better camera? : )

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Home sweet home

After approximately 3 days in and out of airports, I have arrived safely back home in Michigan.

Everyone was happy to see me come home. Joel talked the entire way home in the car (uncharacteristic for Joel). Halley sat next to me on the couch, put her head in my lap, and refused to go outside. Sisco wiggled on his back in the rest of my lap and deposited a lot of hair from his recent haircut.

I have nothing of interest to report from my brief stays in Vienna and Dublin. I’m afraid that at this point, I lacked the energy to do much of anything but find dinner in either city!

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Have you been a virtual vacationer?

At this point the trip is almost over, a quick overnight in Vienna, a quick overnight in Dublin, and I will be home. If you have been following along, either as a commenter or a lurker, I would love to know who has been vacationing with me.

If you could just sign this virtual guest book blog post by commenting with your name (or initials), that would be awesome.

Hopefully this travel blog will become a tradition, as it did seem easier to do it this way than to write a travel journal by hand.

I will keep writing in the blog after the trip, but more about normal everyday life. You are all welcome to keep reading then.

I have plans to go to Turkey virtually this fall, as I never got around to posting the pictures from our trip last year. So at some point this fall, we may revisit Turkey.

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Hugging the wall

Gorona (our Intrepid leader) demonstrates just how easy it is to stand on this little stone outcropping up against the wall. If you can balance on the outcropping, remove your shirt (while balancing) and then put it back on, your wish will be granted (or so the tradition goes).

And then almost everyone else tries it (rather unsuccessfully).

As a matter of fact, the last time we saw Warren last night, he was on his 3rd round of attempting to perform Goranas trick with a crowd of observers.

If you attempt to recreate this trick at home, feel free to comment with a link to your photo.

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Walk around the Dubrovnik City Walls

Okay, that walk around the city walls of Dubrovnik made the last week (trapped in a heatwave) actually worth it. The views were stunning, and although it was still hot, there was a nice breeze and not much humidity in the air.

The Old Town of Dubnrovik is BEAUTIFUL!!! This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site and inside the walls, nothing modern is allowed on the outsides of structures. So, even if there is a McDonalds here, it is not allowed to look like a McDonalds.

I don’t know how well you can see it in the picture below, but that’s a cafe/sunbathing spot on the rocks outside the city walls. Location, location, location…

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