Cat in a Box

Jul 31, 2008 by

With all the moving of furniture and stuff, there are a few empty boxes laying about. There’s nothing more enticing for a cat than an empty box. I imagine that Dr. Suess wrote a book about the Cat in the Hat because the word “hat” rhymes with a lot more words than “box.”

Out of idle curiosity, I looked up both words on It turns out that Dr. Suess might have gone with “The Cat in the Box” instead.

HAT rhymes with at, bat, begat, bobcat, brat, brickbat, cat, chat, chitchat, cravat, defat, dingbat, doormat, drat, fat, flat, format, gnat, hellcat, housesat, jurat, landsat, mat, muskrat, nonfat, pat, plat, polecat, rat, sat, scat, slat, spat, splat, sprat, stat, tat, that, thereat, tomcat, vat, whereat, wildcat, and wombat.

BOX rhymes with auks, balks, bandbox, beanstalks, blocks, boardwalks, boondocks, burdocks, cakewalks, catwalks, caulks, cellblocks, chalks, chocks, clocks, cocks, cornstalks, cowpox, cox, crocks, crosswalks, deadlocks, deedbox, defrocks, docks, docs, epochs, fetlocks, firebox, flintlocks, flocks, forelocks, fox, frocks, gawks, gearbox, gunlocks, hatbox, hawks, haycocks, headlocks, hemlocks, hocks, horsepox, hotbox, icebox, jaywalks, jocks, jukebox, knocks, knox, locks, lox, mailbox, mocks, mohawks, moonwalks, nighthawks, oarlocks, outfox, outwalks, ox, padlocks, peacocks, phlox, pillbox, pox, postbox, roadblocks, rocks, sandbox, shamrocks, shocks, sidewalks, slovaks, smallpox, smocks, snuffbox, soapbox, socks, sox, spacewalks, squawks, stalks, stocks, strongbox, sweatbox, talks, ticktocks, toolbox, unfrocks, unlocks, walks, warlocks, windsocks, woks, woodblocks, xerox

Is it just me, or is the set of words that rhymes with box a lot more “adult” than the words that rhyme with “hat”?

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  1. Svensk Gudinna

    Well, perhaps, Cat in the Hat really isn’t a book for kids…

  2. Brenda

    Since our family has an entire shelf of Dr. Seuss books, I just have to comment on this! He used “hat” because it rhymes with “cat”. How fun is that?

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