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Mar 29, 2008 by

This is my current iGoogle page.

Now that I’ve gone back and searched the blog, I can hardly believe I’ve never written a post about iGoogle. Wow. Perhaps that’s because in my blogging infancy, before I was writing this blog, I did post about iGoogle on Busyness Girl; you can go read Proselytizing for Google to see what my iGoogle page used to look like.

Here’s a tutorial on building an iGoogle page and falling in love with it! This is from the backlogged tutorials I forgot to cross-post here when I created them for the Higher Ed & Tech Frontier class.

Benefits of an iGoogle page:

1) No matter where you are (provided you have Internet) you can easily find all your “stuff” by logging in to your Google account.

2) You can add a Bookmark Widget to your iGoogle page to give you easy access to all your bookmarks from any computer.

3) Then you can add this blog to your iGoogle page! (click on the +Google icon)

4) You can quickly see if you have new gmail (other mail programs too).

5) You can pick up your RSS feed by adding Google Reader to your iGoogle page.

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  1. odysen support

    Another start page website to check out is Odysen at

    A couple of differences include a very minimalistic style (giving you more space with no large header) and the free-formatting widgets (allowing you to easily change the size of the widget to whichever size you feel is the most appropriate).


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