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Well, we think that when Slovakia and the Czech Republic split, that Slovakia probably got the bad end of the deal (at least from what we have seen).

We are staying at the “Communism aka KGB” hotel in Brataslova. Apparently, many communist leaders have stayed here, but it has gone downhill from its glory days. Here is a picture of the very spartan room. The picture really does not do it justice.

Here are a few scenic pictures of the old town Brataslava.

The castle, always at the top of a hill.

Aside from the old parts of Brataslova, it is not very scenic (see below).

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  1. ohiochemengr

    Regarding the KGB hotel in Slovakia, a quote from a former comrade of mine reapplied to your current accommodations might be appropriate: “It gives new meaning to the word ‘bleak’ “.

    Not exactly the kind of accommodations I enjoy when I go to Paris.

    I was wondering when the bleak side of Eastern Europe was going to come up; sounds like you’ve arrived.

  2. Anonymous

    just a spelling mistake, but still. the name of the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava.

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