Boxing Around the Christmas Tree

Dec 2, 2007 by

We are almost done wrapping presents and packing boxes to be sent afar. I think there are almost enough that I can actually box in my Christmas tree with boxes!

BTW, I’m going to post several days of blogs about my favorite Christmas tree ornaments (complete with pictures). I tag all of you (Emily, Tom, Jenny, Chris, Susan, Meg, Keri & Matt, and Mat & Carol) to do the same! Here are my categories, feel free to add your own!
  • Ornaments that were chosen to symbolize the year
  • Ornaments from other countries/states
  • Ornaments that have sentimental value
  • Ornaments that serve a practical purpose

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  1. Topher

    Maria, that’s an awesome tag. I’ve got mine posted for your viewing pleasure.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, there’s the box you sent me!! Matt used it for a present to me.

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