Blast from the past

May 17, 2008 by

Could I have really made this video when I was 15 years old?

Okay, our lipsynching sucks, and it’s obvious that we’re a bit obsessed with special effects, but it is interesting that even back in 1988, I was a bit obsessed with technology.

AND I was much skinnier back then! Maybe there’s hope?
(in case you can’t figure it out, I’m the blond, and yes, that was my electric guitar)

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  1. J. McCaul

    OMG OK I would never have let this see light of day but isn’t it a trip to see stuff that you did when you were growing up? If this goes viral I’m so going on the Today show to say I know you 🙂

  2. Joel

    I was highly intrigued by the subtle satanic and occult undertones. Also, the product placement by Crayola was downright shameful!

  3. momma k

    Mmmm–very interesting.

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