Big Red Cursors for your Tablet or Video Lessons

Apr 9, 2008 by

This is a video from Bill Myers that shows you how to install some big red cursors and pointers for making videos to make it easier to track the mouse. Here’s the link to the download for the cursors.

I’m not sure he was thinking about this intent in the video, but it seems that these cursors would also work well for projecting from a tablet, when it can ALSO be difficult for students to track the mouse.

I found this on the TechSmith Visual Lounge Blog, which always has some nice stuff.

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  1. Kenrick

    Even if you change the cursor, most tablet PC apps seem to change it back into a little dot when you use the pen. Camtasia has the option to highlight it in video recordings, at least, or replace it with a pointer.

    For actual use in class though, people are stuck with the dot on the projector and can’t really see what you’re pointing at. I’ve gotten in the habit of flipping my pen upside down and using the eraser (in hover mode as to not actually erase) to point at things.

    Are there any programs out there to highlight the pen for use in a classroom? Seems like there must be something… maybe I’ll have to write my own 🙂

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