Acting out Related Rates

Jul 22, 2008 by

For better or for worse, here are my summer calculus student’s theatrical interpretations of related rates problems:

  1. Filling a cylinder (starring Brent)
  2. Moving Spotlight (starring Lance)
  3. Runner on a Baseball Diamond (starring Ashley and Jason)
  4. Falling Ladder (starring Ryan)
  5. Moving cars or octopii (starring Sam)
  6. Stone thrown in a Lake (starring Scott)
  7. The kite (or flying pig) problem (starring Peter and Dan)
  8. Reeling in a Fish (starring Joe)

The TV Production department at my college helped a couple of the students (recording and producing the videos in a YouTube-compatible format). The rest of the students recorded, produced, and uploaded their videos to YouTube or Screencast on their own.

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  1. SplineGuy

    Great idea. I so hoped to see someone actually standing on the ladder as it fell down the wall, though.

  2. Robert Talbert

    I liked the Mr. Bill-like facial expressions on the character in the ladder problem. In fact, I think you could recast this whole assignment so that students MUST use Mr. Bill in some sort of faux-violent manner to illustrate related rates problems. (Or is Mr. Bill too 80’s for this crowd?)

  3. Robert Talbert

    Also, the guy in the kite/flying pig problem needs less caffeine.

  4. Mathematix

    Maria, have you used Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson and Martin Gardner?
    Best Calculus book I have ever ran across.

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