Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

It’s complicated. I grew up (mostly) in Fairfax, VA (right outside Washington DC).  After high school I moved to Missoula, Montana to go to undergrad at University of Montana (Math, Chemistry, and Biology).  That’s where I met my husband Joel and we got married before picking up and leaving for Laramie, Wyoming.  In Laramie, we both finished graduate degrees (MBA and Math for me, Finance for Joel).  Then we uprooted again and moved to Muskegon, Michigan. In Michigan I completed my Ph.D. while working full-tim at Muskegon Community College for a decade. Today I live in the Salt Lake City area (Utah).  Where am I from?

Do you sleep?

Yes.  Do you?  Seriously, I probably average 6-8 hours of sleep a night (I am a light sleeper and suffer from horrible insomnia when I am working on something interesting).

How long did it take you to learn all this stuff?

I have been learning my whole life.  I’m just a little bit more organized about keeping what I learn than most.  I purposely write blog posts or make decks of flash cards when I want to remember something I’ve learned.  I keep notebooks with ideas and resources to investigate.  I follow up on leads.  I compare tools to look for the most appropriate to learn.  Actively, I’ve been blogging about what I’ve learned since 2007.  So as far as accelerated learning, I guess I’ve been at this since 2007.  Many of my resources (like the mindmaps) are a slow accumulation of knowledge over time.

How do you get so much done?

First, I watch no television. None. Really. Not even the news.  There is no television reception at our house and we like it that way. The average American watches 34 hours of television a week in 2011 (Nielsen Research figures).  Want to reclaim your life? Turn off your TV.  Also, I have an assistant that I pay out of pocket to deal with the little stuff I don’t want to do myself.  For example, she will take a year’s worth of tweets and organize them into categories and subcategories.  Then I’ll republish these collections in blog posts and mindmaps.  When you run out of time of your own, it’s time to hire an assistant to outsource those tasks that can be done by another talented human being.

Do you still teach classes at a college?

No. I taught full-time for 10 years. Usually a mixture of Calculus I and II, Social Media, and a couple other math courses.  I taught both online and traditional courses.  I taught day classes and night classes, just like most Community College instructors.

What do you do in your spare time (do you have any)?

I read voraciously. Sometimes I play the viola, the guitar, or the piano (ha ha). I design educational video games. I walk my dogs. I love to travel. I am the personal slaves of two dogs and two cats.  I actually love what I do, so the lines between work and play are pretty blurred.

Where can I see pictures from your world travels?

Here are the pictures from my month in India and the pictures from my month in Eastern Europe.

Do you have any children?

No, unless you count my husband (joke). Seriously? I have two dogs, two cats, and a husband. Isn’t that enough to manage?

Where did busynessgirl come from?

In the year 2000  I was working on my MBA and my husband got me a birthday cake that said “Happy Birthday Busyness Girl” as a joke (because I’ve always been this busy). I guess it stuck.