3-D Chemistry Models in Second Life

Jan 18, 2008 by

Anything that illicits me saying, out loud, “NO WAY!!!” is, in my opinion, worth posting here. And today is that day for chemistry. You may recall that I do occasionally deviate into cool chem and cool bio posts.

Without further adieu… here is a chemistry video from second life that can build a 3-D molecular model from the InChIKey code.

The video is by Hiro Sheridan. His site, containing flickr photos are worth a look as they show the Chemistry SN island in 2nd Life … complete with a presentation stage including deck chairs, wouldn’t this be a nice way to attend math talks… hmm… maybe if I am granted a sabbatical I’ll get to work on a Math island – on second thought, maybe MAA, AMS, or AMATYC will do it for us. Any takers?

I particularly liked the photos of the chemist with goggles (goggles up or goggles down?)

I hope Hiro doesn’t mind my reposting of gifs of a few of these images, as I am sending you to his flickr site too to view the whole set (there is more than one page).

This week I just desperately feel like I NEED MORE TIME!!! I will never catch up with technology … does anyone else feel this way? Are we even remotely training/encouraging faculty in higher ed to “deal” with this new online/Web 2.0 environment? Do the majority of faculty (and students) even realize this stuff is out there? It’s like we’re in a science fiction world but the majority of the population doesn’t know it yet.

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  1. Robert Foth

    The faculty are interested, but they need campus leaders to show them the way.

    For many of them it is a giant leap away from what they are used too. This is also true of a many of our students coming to our college – they may use a cell phone and text, but that is about it.

    I am trying to encourage them to try something new this semester (I have about 4 to 5 people now using VOKI and are working on Jing to enhance their courses).

    Second Life is interesting, but at the time there is too much time needed to develop something concrete (at least that was my experience trying to learn the navigation and system while trying to find a way to run a math class from inside). At this time I think it is just not ready to have a classroom like math inside – I do think it has potential if we can begin to mash together some of the other tools that are now available – for instance making an interactive whiteboard where the students can upload files from Excel, Maple, etc… to demonstrate or ask questions on.

  2. Lang Gang

    Feel free to use any of my images from flickr. I always license them Creative Commons – Attribution. By the way, I am a mathematician in RL and I am teaching Cryptology, Cellular Automata and Fintie State Machines completely in SL this semester. I also teach some of my Science and Science Fiction class lectures in SL.


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