32nd Carnival of Math

May 2, 2008 by

Welcome to the 32nd Carnival of Math. It’s crunch time at many schools right now, including mine, so it’s a small bunch this time.

Today we celebrate the number 32. The obvious claim to fame for 32 is that it is 25. Here are some other famous tidbits about 32:

32° is the freezing point of water in degrees Fahrenheit.
There are 32 Bach Goldberg variations.
The size of a databus is 32 bits.
The number of teeth in a full set of adult humans (including wisdom teeth) is 32.

When I turned 32, I decided it was less scary to turn 25 instead. Here is my birthday cake.

First up in this week’s carnival, we have a practical classroom application involving blogs and the infinite geometric series at NumberWarrior.

From Vlorbik on Math Ed, a short post about “Pedagogical Content Knowledge” in reference to a Math for Elementary Teachers class. You should read all the comments, which are longer than the post!

If you are interested in the link between Objectivist theory (Ayn Rand) and mathematics, NoodleFood contributes a post called Are Mathematical Truths Discovered or Invented?

Let’s Play Math contributes a game similar to Tic-Tac-Toe. To celebrate the 32nd carnival, you might play it on a 4×8 grid!

Since 32 is, after all, a rational number, maybe you’d like to recount the rationals at The Universe of Discourse.

For your entertainment at our 32 party, a video on Vedic math for squaring numbers near 100 from LifeJelly.

Recursivity contributes a post on the combinatorics of words – work by one of his grad students.

Finally, Out in Left Field brings us a comparison of Linear Equations in Reform and Traditional mathematics.

Thanks for visiting! The next Carnival is at … um … where IS the next Carnival?

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  1. Anonymous

    thanks for putting this together
    (and thanks for linking to VME),
    looks like the carny might be
    giving up the ghost … too bad.

  2. Anonymous

    that was a period, not a comma.
    (who are you gonna believe,
    me or your own eyes?)
    i’d never use such a blatant
    comma splice. too afraid
    of losing my “why can’t kids
    these days read and write”
    ranting privileges. okay.
    shutting up. back to work.

  3. Mike

    The carny hasn’t given up the ghost yet but it needs submissions quickly!


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